akan sightseeing cruise company

Sightseeing Cruiser

This course takes you around Lake Akan and to the scenic “ Takiguchi” and ” Marimo exhibition and observation center”.


Sightseeing Cruiser Operating Schedule

Sightseeing Cruise Fare

Sightseeing Cruise Circuit Course
Cruise course/approx.18km
including Marimo viewing
approximately 85 minutes
  Regular price Group price
Adults 2,000yen 1,740yen
Children 1,040yen 910yen

※Regular prices listed above include fare for second-class seating ¥1,580, and ¥420 admission fee to the Marimo Exhibition and Observation Center.
※Group rates are applicable for groups of 15 or more persons.
※We also provide student discounts, and various discounts for those with disabilities(physical disability, learning disability, and mental disability) with presentation of your disability passbook. Please see the "discount application" section for details.

※Fare revised on April 1, 2021.

Motor Boats

Period/ Summer Open from 6:00AM to 6:00PM.

Motor Boat Fares

Two or more passengers may ride for the price of one.

* If you choose to ride alone, you will be charged for two people.

* For courses 1-3, there is no viewing of the Marimo.

* A group discount will be applied to groups of 15 persons or more ,
for courses ④⑤. (reservation required)